Friday, February 26, 2010

Get me a Suite at ODTUG!

If you are going to ODTUG this year and you want me to do a favor... Put in my name "Dimitri Gielis" in "How did you hear about the conference?" when you register.

The person who has the most "referrals" gets a Suite at the Marriott Wardman Park!

I'm not sure about the size of that Suite, but if it's big enough and I win, I'll give a party in the suite and everybody is invited to come! We could even start the "APEX Meetup" in the Suite and have already a couple of drinks before we go further!
Hopefully the mini bar is big enough and has enough drinks, if not there are other ways to get drinks in that room I guess :-)


Anyway APEX will be big at ODTUG again... in fact it will be the biggest APEX event this year! Not to miss especially with the upcoming 4.0 release. See you there...


John Scott said...

Party....Mini Bar...we better increase your credit card limit ;)

Michael A. Rife said...

If I can get my company's OK to go to the conference, you get my vote.

Geert Joosten said...

I have done my contribution in getting you in the suite. Hopefully John isn't disappointed, but I guess he will be invited also to the party. Or is his only part doing the payments of the company :)
See you both in Washington.