Monday, February 01, 2010

Oracle APEX Training in Brussels

This year we'll do more Oracle Application Express trainings. You find the complete schedule on our new site.

Both John and I will travel more in Europe to deliver these APEX trainings, but especially the first couple of months, personally I will concentrate more on the BeNeLux. I really want to see the APEX development increasing in this part of the world.

The APEX trainings for March will take place in Brussels, Belgium. And where before we did more advanced trainings, now we also scheduled beginner trainings!

Introduction to Oracle APEX I (8-10 MARCH 2010 - 3 days)

Introduction to Oracle Application Express is designed for those who have little to no interaction with APEX or for those looking to formalize their understanding of APEX. This course starts out with a review of the architecture of APEX, how it works, and some example projects that have been built with APEX. It then describes the Utilities and SQL Workshop facilities of APEX. The bulk of the class is spent on the application builder. Most of the core components are covered in Intro to APEX I, with hands-on exercises used to reinforce the concepts.

Introduction to Oracle APEX II (11-12 MARCH 2010 - 2 days)

Introduction to Oracle APEX II is intended as a follow-on course to Intro to Oracle APEX I, but can also be taught independently. It starts by explaining how JavaScript and Ajax work in the APEX environment. Students will build working examples using both technologies. It then covers security features of APEX, including new features introduced in APEX 3.2. Next, it covers APEX user interface design. Students will import a custom theme and add additional templates. Basic UI concepts will also be discussed. Intro to APEX II also covers the basics of performance tuning APEX applications within the SQL, PL/SQL and APEX context. Intro to APEX II concludes with a discussion of APEX best practices and how they can be altered to fit specific customer environments.

Advanced Oracle APEX (15-17 MARCH 2010 - 3 days)

Beyond the basics, there is a world that will you to create truly great applications. Applications that rival any other language or technology.
Advanced UI techniques, Error Management, Printing, Security and interactivity (AJAX and JQuery) are just a few of the topics covered in our Advanced APEX course. If you're ready to move beyond wizard driven applications, then this course is for you.

You can find more information and register for the classes by clicking on the titles in this blog post. If you are travelling, on the right hand side you find some hotels that are close to the place the training is held. Lets spread the APEX word and hope to see you soon!


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