Thursday, May 27, 2010

DGTournament ready for World Cup 2010: betting on games

It wasn't my initial intention to do so, but after having a lot of people asking for enabling the World Cup 2010 on DG Tournament I finally did it.

Four years ago I developed this application (in APEX). With Euro 2008 I made some changes, but from then on I didn't really touch it anymore. Four years is a long time and I saw that some services I used (e.g. to get the location based on the IP) got changed. I didn't completely update the app yet, but the bulk should work now.

I plan to do some more updates in the next days, but go already to the site and start registering yourself. If you already played before on the site, you can just login with those credentials.
If you find some bugs or want to give some feedback, please do so. Now there's still time to make the site better.

Would it be more fun if I include betting for (small) money? I like to keep the site free so everybody can use it, but maybe it's nice to give you the possibility to bet for e.g. 2 euro. Everybody who bets for money can win "the pot". I'm not sure what it means in terms of rights...

Have fun...


Carl Friedrich Gauss said...


nice to play again this year with this APEX app.
Actually, I don't need to play for money ( and I could imagine it could be a little bit problematical from a legal point of view ... )

Best regards from Germany to the nice city of Leuven ( which I visit frequently, since I have friends there )
and looking forward to the world cup
(supporting all African teams this year)

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Carl,

Sure I would never force people to bed for money ;-)
Some people asked me to provide the possibility, but I wondered if others wanted that as well.
So you would have people that would just bed for fun, but others that want to bed for money would be able to do so. However I would never want to go into competition with online bed sites, that was not the intention, just a bit more excitement ;-)


Peter Raganitsch said...

Oh yeah, the bets are up!

Looking forward to get at least some of the outcomes right.

Betting/Gambling is for fun, no money involved keeps us all happy ;-)


Yet Another Geek said...


Maybe you can obtain from the Oracle folks some presents for the winners. In the end this app is one of the good advertisers for APEX ... and with a little effort can be transformed into a real campaign for promoting APEX ... in case still needed :).


Dimitri Gielis said...

Florin, I'm looking for some sponsors, so there are some prices to win ... but can't promise anything yet.

Unknown said...

It should be nice to have a filter on the first page to locate the national games!
So you type Greece and it would locate quickly the dates Greece has a game.

Then maybe a calendar look could help show games in a more meaningfull way!

Thanks for the


Unknown said...

Hi Dimitri
Where do you get all you time from ?
Are you steeling time from me ;-)? Never mind if you spend it on apps like the DGT.
The world is still big and the number of "gamblers" might be large.
I would like to have the possibility to add a group to each user so that you easily could have a sub-competition and see your rank within your own group(s), competing with friends, collegues etc.
Regards Gunnar

Unknown said...


For now you can use your location to make groups.
You can easily search for that.

Groups is already in the datamodel for a long time, but I never completely implemented that. I might review it later to finish it after all, but don't take this as a promise.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Yannis, there's an interactive calendar now (see Calendar tab - Interactive Calendar button).

Gunnar, you can define a group in your profile now. See also further on my blog about running DG Tournament in SaaS.