Saturday, September 18, 2010

ACE Director Briefing and start OOW

It's Saturday today and I'm currently in the Hilton hotel on O'Farrell Street in San Francisco.

Today there are no special plans, it's a day between the Oracle ACE Directors briefing of the last two days and the start of Oracle Open World (OOW) tomorrow.

Every year just before OOW, Oracle plans a briefing to the Oracle ACE Directors where people like Thomas Kurian (Executive Vice President of Product Development), Ted Farrell, Mark Townsend and other product manager tell us what's going to be announced at OOW and what the plans are in the future. I find it a real privilege to make part of this and appreciate the openness of Oracle. We all had to sign a NDA so are not allowed to speak about it.
Most of these things will be announced on Sunday and during the rest of the week at OOW, so a little more patience ;-) The only thing I can say is that the announcements won't be that much in the area I normally blog about, nevertheless the announcements are worthwhile! Something to look forward to...

One thing that is already public, is that Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is FREE from now on!

Tomorrow and the days after that the madness begins. After the acquisition of Sun, this event is even bigger as JavaOne is also at OOW. It will be interesting to meet all these new people.
I'm doing 3 presentations at OOW this year and one panel discussion. My first presentation is already on Sunday where I'll speak about upgrading your APEX 3.x application to APEX 4.0. I'll do a live demo where I take an export of an APEX 3.2 application (DG Tournament) and import that in APEX 4.0 and show the things that got changed or needs updated and I'll talk about the new features you can leverage now that you're in APEX 4.0.

Stay tuned ...


Erik van Roon said...


I got very excited from your remark "One thing that is already public, is that Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is FREE from now on!"

However, following that link I eventually end up on the download page, where it says:
"SQL Developer Data Modeler is a priced product. Read the Pricing FAQ"

And the pricing FAQ it refers to says:
"Is Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler free?
No, it is a priced product. The pricing is on a per seat basis and pricing is listed on the Price List."

"Why is there a Free Downloads button on the download page?
This is standard for all Oracle's downloads. The software is free to try. "Free to download, free to learn, unlimited evaluation" See Software Downloads on OTN."

So, are you sure about this?
Is OTN just late with updating their site?

Erik van Roon

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Erik,

It's definitely "free", same as with APEX... if you have a valid license of the Oracle database you are all good.

I guess the OTN page is not yet up-to-date, but at the ACE Director meeting they definitely told it was "free" (with note above).