Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Live from the OOW11 Keynote

I'm writing this post while the keynote is going on... I'll update this post while we go on.

This will be a special keynote for ... :-) You can also follow me on twitter.

15 mins before the start, room is now filling up quickly

Mark Hurt on stage announcing Infosys, Larry comes later... won't blog much about Infosys, waiting for Larry.

Sting came on stage to tell he looks forward to sing for us at the Appreciation event later today.

There you go, Larry comes on stage... now it will start to be interesting.

Fusion Applications run in the cloud and on-premise. Important, cloud security: separate VM & database for each customer (no multi-tenancy). Larry mentions APEX for the first time; people use it in the cloud to build custom applications, some people use it to extend Fusion Apps (or e-business suite).

Larry announcing the Oracle Public Cloud

Key difference with other clouds, Oracle Cloud build on standards, can link to anything.
Different services, first to start with Database Server Cloud... (screenshot is not ideal, but there is a first screenshot of APEX)

Great jokes of Larry about "False Clouds". Something like "you check data in, but you can't check it out!", "you take the plane and are in the clouds, but can't get out the plane/cloud anymore".
Larry is in great shape ;-)

Hacking a lot on now Larry is comparing the Oracle cloud vs others (false clouds).

Larry announcing the Oracle Social Network

Larry shows a "live" demo of the Oracle Fusion Applications together with the Oracle Social Networking. The demo lasts a bit long, but it is nice to see all the nice features in Fusion Apps.

*** sad news coming in *** Steve Jobs of Apple passed away ...

Demo done, show over... seems like a strange end to the keynote.
Not sure it was intended like that or it had to do with the news of Steve Jobs. They say Larry is a good friend of Steve Jobs...

So no pricing, no demo of the database cloud... Rumours where different... Database in the cloud = APEX in the cloud. The Oracle cloud is live now, you can find it at
What you see is also an APEX app...

I guess the presentations tomorrow will go in more debt about the Oracle Database Cloud.
Press (and bloggers) got an invite to a 5PM meeting to Cloud Technical Deep Dive... not sure I'll go there.

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