Friday, January 25, 2019

Trying to decide which APEX events to attend? Here's where I'll be.

I love going to conferences, to catch up with friends, be part of the vibrant Oracle APEX community, gain and share knowledge and of course demo APEX Office Print (AOP).

Conferences are a great way to get some new ideas and insights. You learn not only from the content but even more from the different cultures and background of people and the way they approach things.

My schedule till June looks like this:

ITOUG Tech Day Milano, Italy: 30-JAN-2019

This day is part of the ITOUG Tech Days. I've never presented in Italy, so I really look forward to this first time. I'll present on "Bringing your Oracle Database alive with APEX".

APEX Meetup Düsseldorf, Germany: 5-FEB-2019

As we did some major releases with AOP 18.1 and 19.1 and we have many customers in Germany, Niels asked to present on Reporting in APEX. As it's a meetup, we have more room to make it really interactive, so if you are in the region of Düsseldorf and Ratingen, stop by and ask me any question. I'll show some cool tricks of AOP and will give some insight what's coming later in the year.

APEX World, the Netherlands: 25/26-MAR-2019

I don't think I've ever missed a version of APEX World. It became the biggest APEX only conference in the world, and it's basically in my backyard :) This year is special too, as it's the 10th year anniversary! My company, APEX R&D, has been a long time sponsor of the event. This is the only conference where we also have a booth, so you can stop by any time you want and ask us many questions :) At our booth, we show the latest and greatest dev build of APEX Office Print (AOP)!
I'll give my "Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality with APEX" presentation this year.

APEX Alpe Aldria, Croatia: 12-APR-2019

Last year this conference got its first edition and it was a great success. My friends Peter, Aljaz, and Dario really know how to make a great conference. Last year AOP sponsored and Sunil, our lead backend architect of AOP, was there to answer any questions. This year most of our team is going. I'll give a presentation "APEX Reporting Tips & Tricks", similar to the webinar I did for AUSOUG.

APEX Connect, Germany: 7/9-MAY-2019

The last couple of years I've presented at this conference. APEX is being used a lot in Germany, so it's great to see so many use cases of APEX. This year I was asked to do my "Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality with APEX" presentation. In our office we have 3 VR systems running (with HTC Vive) and are doing some research on cool use cases. I dream one day we can develop our APEX apps like Tom Cruise did in the movie Minority Report :)

ODTUG KScope, Seattle, US: 23/27-JUN-2019

Since my first attendance in 2006, this is my favorite conference. It's the go-to place to meet the APEX development team, and so many smart people you meet daily on the internet.
It's unsure yet what I'll present on this year, reviews are still ongoing, but for sure there are many good presentations there and the latest and greatest of the APEX Dev Team. If you can ever go to this conference, I would definitely recommend it!

If you are at one of the above events and you want to chat, don't hesitate to stop me. I would love to meet you. I'm thankful you read my blog and I would love to hear more about you.

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I hope to see you in Seattle.