Saturday, April 15, 2006

Methodology - part 2

After having other chats with some more experienced people in the methodology domain I suppose that the main choices as methodology are: RUP, XP and Agile...

Apparently Agile is the most modern and combines XP and RUP. You can find more info about this methodology on

I also asked the opinion at Steven Feuerstein and what he was using. His (brief) answer:
"I don't follow any single methodology in a hard and fast way; I definitely lean to the lightweight meths., like XP and Agile. In my current main development projects, Qnxo and Qute ( and, I rely heavily on table APIs and avoid writing SQL whenever possible (Qnxo generates the table APIs for me!)."

The quest goes on... I will post more about this when I find more info and make my final decision.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Some links to Oracle forums I participated in concerning methodology / APEX opportunities:
- AE & Extreme Programming
- Market opportunities for Apex services ...

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