Friday, April 21, 2006

Methodology - Part 3

As Steven Feuerstein and Tom Kyte are my mentors in the Oracle Development domain I asked them what they thought about using a methodology...
(I already posted the reply of Steven in the post "Methodology - Part 2"), here is the answer of Tom:
"I'm old fashioned.
I sort of like getting the requirements, crafting a prototype, refine the requirements, implement the solution.
APEX is best suited for very small development teams (1 to some very small number).
Not a big fan of XP or Agile - the old "throw it out there and see if it sticks" method.
We are redoing asktom from the ground up now. two developers. step one - list the requirements. step two - prototype/discuss prototype. step three (which we are in now) refine. step 4 - implement (with the requisite test phase and all) "

Many thanks to Tom and Steven for their opinions! I really appreciate it.

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