Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oracle Development Framework

The last couple of weeks I'm looking to create a real Oracle Development Framework.

Concerning the technical part, my decision is clear. As I really adore the Oracle database, I try to do as much as possible into the database. That's why my Oracle Development Framework will exists out of Oracle 10gR2 DB, PL/SQL and Apex (Application Express - before the name was HTMLDB).
For the "functional" part / "methodology" I'm still investigating what would be the best.

Below some more detail about my quest to "The Best Oracle Development Framework":

- I had some chats with others about frameworks, way of working etc. Apparently “Extreme Programming” is in! ( “XP” is a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development.
- I read an article of Duncan Mills. He gave an excellent presentation on meta framework. He discussed the challenges we face when developing (web) applications and how meta frameworks can help us developers to tackle those problems. A recap of his presentation can be found
here. The presentation of Duncan can be downloaded here.
- But this is my favorite!
“Cleaning Up PL/SQL Practices” (By Steven Feuerstein) I found on OTN. As I find Steven one of the PL/SQL guru's, I thought about follow his guidelines and use his soft (PL/Generator, Qnxo, Ounit; soft for PL/SQL framework, unit testing, best practices, checks, …) together with the approach of XP.
- Next to that my other "leader" is Tom Kyte. I really appreciate his view, his approach of proving what he's saying, his knowledge and the way he promotes Oracle.

Maybe you have other idea's, feel free to put your comments. I'm interested in knowing more and viewing other opinions about the "right" methodology...

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