Thursday, April 20, 2006

Windows!! where're you?

Today at the customer I had a really nice joke!

At 12h55 my desktop pc restarted, just like that?!
Ofcourse I was writing some scripts, some info was loading etc.
At the time I saw the strang behaviour of Windows, I couldn't do anything anymore! My windows/docs closed like that, although for some windows for 2 seconds it asked if he should save the content. Before I could say 'Yes' it was already gone... I couldn't stop the shutdown progress anymore!!

But hey! I was not alone ;-) my colleagues had the same phenomenon.

Some time later we got this mail:
"Please be advised that we suffered from a technical issue on multiple PCs, which may have caused the reboot of your machine.

Our technical team is currently investigating the problem as a matter of urgency. We will inform you as soon as normal service is restored.

We apologise for any inconvenience"

Thanks for the mail guys! I wondered, even in this timeframe, where SoX is implemented and we have so much procedures to follow, this can happen...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a little human factor ...