Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DG @ Oracle Open World 2007

This weekend I booked my flight and hotel for Oracle Open World 2007 in San Francisco.

I first thought to stay in the Hilton hotel, but as that was already fully booked I decided to stay in the King George hotel. Mark Rittman stayed into that hotel last year and liked it, as he's staying there again this year.
"King George" ... sounds also very nice ;-)

This year I'll also present at OOW. I'm curious if presenting at OOW is different from presenting at the Oracle User Conferences like ODTUG Kaleidoscope and IOUG Collaborate. OOW is so big!
Last year was my first time at OOW and I liked it a lot. I never saw such a big event and a town literally changed in the red "Oracle" color.

The presentation I'll do is about the integration of APEX and BIP:

Title : Advanced PDF documents from Oracle Application Express (APEX) using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.

Abstract : Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3.0 provides new functionality to generate PDF documents. To create advanced PDF reports you can use Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (formerly XML Publisher). This session covers how to configure APEX to use Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher and how to create an advanced PDF report in APEX using BI Publisher.

A lot of Oracle bloggers made there QuickConnect card. That card means you're registered on the OOW community site. You can find people having the same interests or just some info about a person.

Here's my QuickConnect Card:

Join Me at Oracle OpenWorld Connect!

See you at Oracle Open World!


Carl Backstrom said...

Looks like the King George is the place to stay if APEX is your thing.

I'm going to be there too along with much of the rest of the APEX team.

Anonymous said...

Dimiti, I guess we'll meet again. I just returned from my vacation and noticed the invite to speak at OpenWorld as well. I'll book the hotel asap, and see if there's still a room available in the King George :-)

Michael A. Rife said...

Congratulations! I am sure you do great.

Dimitri Gielis said...

-- to Carl,
Great we can have some beers together and only need to walk 10m to our room ;-)
John is also not that far from the King George.

-- to Wilfred,
I'll be glad to meet you again! I look forward to your presentation too.

-- to Michael,
Thanks a lot Michael for the nice words.


Anonymous said...

Such valid points. Only wish people would listen to what you say here!