Thursday, April 17, 2008

Collaborate 08 - Thursday

Today is packing day. I liked the conference, but I look forward to go home and see my family. Especially it will be nice to see my little son again. I see him when we have our video chats, but he doesn't understand it yet. He laughs when he hears and sees me, but then he turns to mammy to ask what's happening.

My first session of the day was "Housewife meets HTMLDB" by Nimmi Vempati.
Just the title alone took my attention. Her story was really nice. She's effectively a housewife who started with APEX. This session was very good for starting people. Nimmi spoke from her experience when she started with APEX. She talked about how APEX works and where to find information.

At the same time there was another APEX session going on. Karen Cannell talked about Debugging APEX applications. As Nimmi's session didn't take the whole time, I sneaked into Karen's session to see the last 20 minutes of her presentation. She touched how to debug APEX applications from within SQL Developer. A side note on that, David Peake wrote a paper in Oracle Magazine which describes how to do it too. Other useful tools I heard here speaking about were Firebug and the Web Developer Tool Bar, which I think every APEX developer should have.

I'll grab some lunch and head off to the airport. The sun is back again, but it's still cold.

Bye, bye Denver.

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