Saturday, April 12, 2008

Post APEX 3.1 - Enhancement requests

There's a thread going on in the APEX Forum to provide your enhancement requests for post APEX 3.1 (APEX 3.2 - 4.0?). So if you feel something should be added, have a look at that thread and if it's not already in, log it.

I had some draft posts in my blog folder about enhancement requests.

I'm asked a lot of questions for printing and the integration with BI Publisher. To make the printing even better, the enhancements requests I logged:

Report Queries enhancement request:

  1. Generic Layout excepts multiple queries instead of just the first one.
  2. Add a Delete Query button.
  3. When you Add a Query, automatically save it in APEX, so when you forget to click Apply Changes they are kept.
  4. Possibility to set the Bind Variable at the level of Session State instead of going into every query to set the bind variable. If you use the same bind variable in multiple queries, now you need to set it in all queries. If you could set the bind variable at Session State, it would only have to be done once.
  5. It looks like the bind variables for rowset 3 and further are not taken into account. When you try to download the xml, while the bind variable for rowset 3 is set, there's no data in the xml.
  6. If you set the bind variable, this works for the query, but it gets not set for Session State, so in your report you won't see the value of the items.
  7. Possibility to enter large queries. At the moment there's a limit of 32k which your query can be (xml tags included).
Enhancement request for Printing a Report Region:
  1. In a report region, you can enable printing.
  2. In that screen it would be nice to download the xml data of that report.
  3. It allows you to create your custom template in BI Publisher (for ex) without doing a workaround of creating a report query of the same select just to download the xml data.


Anonymous said...

For your enhancement request for printing a Report Region, I agree 200%!!

Stephane Vinette

Anonymous said...

It would also be nice if we could specify a Formatting Locale (nl-NL, fr-FR etc) while creating a "Named Columns (RTF)" template. This would be nice while formatting dates and numbers within a RTF template.

Ron Alders