Monday, April 14, 2008

Geeky: APEX sessions@Collab08 on handheld

On the sig reception at Collaborate 08 yesterday, some people asked about the APEX sessions. We printed a paper which shows the agenda of the sessions, but I told them I also created a little app which holds all that data.

They liked that! Immediately the handhelds were fired up!
John tried the app on his Iphone and the normal app worked nicely (even the interactive reports!). Jason tried it on his HP handheld and it worked but he had to scroll a bit (and the interactive reports didn't work).

As we're a bit geeky, I copied the app and changed the theme to the Mobile one (new in APEX 3.1).

So for the people on the conference:
- The "normal" Application (theme 20):
- The "mobile" Application (theme 19):

The mobile app should be faster to load and better to see (less scrolling).

It's 6 AM now, I woke up early as I'm still jet lagged. I should get ready for the first real day at Collab08. Write you tomorrow!


Carl Backstrom said...

The interactive report probably still won't work.

You probably want to change it to a regular report and then suppress the standard js and css files, it should cut the page weight down to about 3-4k


Anonymous said...

Or get an iPhone ;)

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Carl,

Thanks for that. I changed the handheld page to a normal report instead.

Maybe it's a nice enhancement request, have an interactive report for handhelds? ;-)


Anonymous said...

wat about the rby sessions?

Carl Backstrom said...

>> wat about the rby sessions?

Dimitri already explained that he focus's mainly on Application Express which is why he set up the report to track that. You could probaly do a google serach or fdind a site that focus's on Oracle and Ruby and get more information.

Also don't save on the bits and capitals.

What about the Ruby sessions?

With complete words is much easier to read and makes more sense.