Wednesday, September 30, 2009

APEX 4.0 EA almost near

I just read on David Peake's blog he's preparing for Oracle Open World and in that article he gives some more news about APEX 4.0.

The APEX Development team worked hard the last months (and year) on APEX 4.0.
As with previous versions they normally put an Early Adopter (EA) version online before they release it to the public. David writes that although APEX 4.0 is planned for 2010, the APEX 4.0 EA is not that far of anymore. I think that is definitely something to look forward too.

I strongly believe APEX 4.0 will change the way we build applications again. If you work already a long time with APEX and have done several projects with it, you see how APEX could be improved or how it would make your life even easier. If I look at the video of APEX 4.0 of June and the available presentations and screenshots I see the development team hit the nail on the head (again!). If you just think about AJAX, the Plugin system, Team Development and all the rest they added or upgraded... believe me it will be a killer product.

I'm not sure you know Mike Hichwa was nominated for the Innovation Showcase (congratulations!). I had the pleasure to talk to him more than once and next to his brilliant mind and his coding skills, I admire him because he listens to people. Even when APEX was not as hot as today, he had the desire to make a good product for the people which they would love to use.
But of course it's not only Mike, it's the whole team behind APEX that make it successful. One by one they are very intelligent and highly motivated people.

I already would like to say "Thank you" to the whole team! Not only for the upcoming release, but also for all the previous years. Day-in day-out I feel blessed I can work with such a nice product as APEX and talk with the nice people behind it.


Unknown said...


I specifically said that we had planned to have the Early Adopters available very shortly.
However, we have moved this back due to the inclusion of brand new features such as 'Team Development' and completing development on all of the other features.

Ensuring APEX 4.0 is up to our usual quality will make it worth the wait :)


Johannes de Jong said...

Great news.

I think its time I signup for an account with again :)

Keep up the great work David & the Apex team.


Byte64 said...

For me Apex was cool even when it was version 1.5, so imagine the 4.0!

I guess everyone has got his/her own preferences when it comes to the most wished features, personally i'd like to start playing with 4.0 asap as i am eager to see what i can do with the plugins.