Tuesday, October 06, 2009

APEX Listener available for download

The Oracle Application Express architecture requires some form of Web server to proxy requests between a Web browser and the Oracle Application Express engine. So far you had following possibilities:

  • Oracle HTTP Server/mod_plsql
  • XDB HTTP protocol server/embedded PL/SQL gateway
Today Oracle made the Early Adopters of the Oracle Application Express Listener available.
It's an alternative that is offered for the above two and with APEX 4.0 it will become the first choice.

Below you see a slide of the APEX 4.0 presentation. It explains what happens more graphically.

The main reasons why you want to consider the APEX Listener:
  • it supports file system caching
  • it makes the printing of pdfs easier as the APEX Listener is build in Java and integrates nicely with FOP.
  • support of multiple file upload, the architecture of mod/plsql didn't allow that
  • you can add your own plugins to it
  • it has a workload capture feature
As the listener is written in Java you need a J2EE runtime environment. The Oracle Application Express Listener supports Web Logic , Tomcat, and OC4J. My personal preference would be Tomcat or Web Logic, if you need more features.


JohnA said...

But, will we be able to integrate NTLM authentication with the new listener?

Without that, I think a lot of people will not be all that interested.

Yet Another Geek said...
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Anonymous said...

What about drawbacks ?
Are there any ? Can SSL be used for example ?

Nieruchomości said...

Speaking of file upload. I would like to switch to a new listener with tomcat but there is a file upload problem. I’ve got a working application on apache/embedded listener but with a new listener a file is not uploaded and a file name is not passed to the file upload procedure. Would you know what the issue is?