Saturday, August 11, 2012


My next stop in the LA OTN Tour was Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just like Uruguay it was my first time here. I found it very different from Uruguay... Buenos Aires is a big city, with many, many cars and huge drive ways. Here's a picture of the huge drive way.

The day before the conference we went to a famous restaurant, Las Lilas. You can see from the picture where they were known for! I enjoyed it very much, definitely a place I would go back to.

It was the first time the AROUG organised an Oracle event. Every start is difficult, but I believe the participants were very happy at the end. The Real Performance Tour and the LA OTN Tour presentations were at the same day, so the people had to pick. I had the opportunity to see a part of the Real Performance presentation by Andrew Holdsworth, Tom Kyte and Graham Wood. It's definitely something you have to see! Here's a picture just before the start. As you can see, they use three different screens: SQL*Plus and statistics on the left side, presentation in the middle and Enterprise Manager on the right. I was very interesting to see how the three presenters with their own expertise explained what was going on.

These events are also interesting to meet new people. It was the first time I met Craig Shallahamer and decided to watch one of his presentations about the buffer cache. I was impressed at the way he explained such a "hard-core" topic.  

I gave a presentation about APEX Performance and in another one, I build an application live based on what the audience requested. Although the native language of the people in Argentina is Spanish, many of them understand and speak English. Even the people listening to the translators (as I was doing the presentation in English), were actively telling me what they wanted to see :-)

I enjoyed my first time in Argentina... now up to Brazil where they speak Portuguese...  

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