Thursday, August 23, 2012

New release of Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler

Oracle released a new version of the SQL Developer products.
The new versions are:

Especially Oracle SQL Developer 3.2 is worth to upgrade (or install if you didn't use it before). It holds many tweaks and enhancements, but the most important ones are:
  • it is ready to make connections to the Oracle Cloud (once this becomes public beta / available)
  • it can connect to the Oracle 12c database and use some of the new database features
  • it allows you to configure the APEX Listener 2.0 and above
  • other smaller, but very useful features I use daily. Jeff did some nice blog posts about it

The release of Data Modeler is more a bug fixes release. If you didn't use Data Modeler yet, it's worth to give it a try. You can visualise your ERD, model a new design or synchronise the model with the data dictionary and so much more.

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    Anonymous said...

    When will APEX Listener 2.0 and APEX 4.2 production be released? Any expected timeline?