Friday, August 17, 2012


The last country inline of the LA OTN Tour (South leg) was Santiago, Chile.

Although I will only spend a couple of hours in Santiago, I like it very much so far. Nice buildings, nature not to far and very friendly people. I won't visit anything, just try to relax a bit in the hotel before flying back home. I'm staying at The Aubrey hotel, very close to the Universidad San Sebastian where the CLOUG, LA OTN Tour was held. The hotel has only 15 rooms, but it's a very nice hotel with a very personal touch. I definitely want to come back here (when it's a bit warmer), not only for the friendly people of the hotel but also to discover more about Santiago and Chile.

Back to the conference, I believe there were about 300 people registered. Here's a picture taken by Noel Portugal. As you can see a very nice auditorium we were in.

Just like in Peru, the biggest part of the audience was new to Oracle Application Express (APEX). I gave three presentations; I started with an APEX overview, next I build an application from scratch based on what the audience asked me (and they challenged me more than in the other countries ;-)) and my last presentation was about the APEX Listener. Thanks CLOUG and the audience, I hope to come back once, hopefully many of you will develop with APEX then.

Now I'm going to enjoy my last hours before taking off... I'll share my overall experience doing this LA OTN Tour once I'm back in Belgium.

Adiós a mis amigos, muchas gracias.

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