Friday, December 01, 2006

APEX - Application Migration Workshop

On OTN an evaluation release of a new feature of APEX 3.0 is released.

Donal Daly, one of the developers of the product, blogged about it here. He would appreciate it if you give some feedback about your first impressions using the tool.

What does the tool do?

APEX App Mig Workshop assists customers in migrating Microsoft Access Forms and Reports to Oracle APEX.

How does it work?

  1. Export MS Access Metadata
  2. Migrate MS Access database to Oracle
  3. Create an Oracle APEX Workspace
  4. Create a Migration Project
  5. Analyze MS Access Application
  6. Generate Oracle APEX Application
  7. Customize your Oracle APEX Application


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Dimitri,

have you already tried it out? Does it work as expected?

Can't really try it by myself, don't have any crappy MS Access databases around here. :-)


Application Migration Services said...

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