Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Flashback 2006

When I look over my shoulder I can be an happy man. For me, 2006 was a fantastic year, both professional and private.

My highlights:

  • January, 18: Creation of this Blog and first post
  • February, 25: First public adoration for APEX on this blog
  • May, 30: Release of the World Cup 2006 APEX application to the world
  • June, 6: Tom Kyte's post about my application
  • June, 9: Start of the World Cup and the betting
  • June, 17-23: First time in the United States and first ODTUG conference
  • August, 11: Married with Kristel Geukens & honeymoon in Mauritius
  • October, 11: Launch of follow-up WC 2006 app, named DG Tournament
  • October, 21-28: First Oracle Open World in San Francisco (VS)
  • November, 10: Took decision to go for a new challenge in 2007
  • November, 15: Back to my old school to teach Oracle to new students
  • December, 6: Became Vice President of the IOUG APEX SIG

Of course not everything ran as smoothly as expected and I had also some doubts, but nevertheless I'm very happy with a year like this.

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