Friday, December 29, 2006

My new toy - HTC P3300

Yesterday I got my new smart mobility, the HTC P3300. My first experiences with this phone/pda are great. I love it. The sound of the phone is very good and although the processor is slow, windows mobile 5 is working very fast. This pda is unique due to the "ipod-kind" of navigation with the rotating weel (HTC RollR). Some people hate it, but so far, for me it's working nicely. Windows Mobile 5 is far from being perfect as Scott Spendolini posted so nicely, but you can get the job done although it won't be in the most user-friendly way.

I still have my IPAQ HP 4700hx, which I used happily for two years. The processor of the HP is far more powerful, but it doesn't have an integrated phone or gps. I'm not sure I will still use it in the future.

I doubted between taking a phone with (for ex. HTC TyTN) or without keyboard. I decided to take one without as I'll primarily use the pda as phone, gps and to search through my agenda and contacts. That the HTC P3300 wasn't as heavy and big as a phone with keyboard was an extra. Of course today I saw a post about the HTC phones for 2007 in this road map. Maybe the follow-up of the of the new HTC TyTN can be interesting too... as usual in IT, the moment you buy something, the next day a new and better one sees the light ;-)

Nevertheless I wanted to blog about this nice pda as I've spent a whole day playing with it and I really liked it.


Patrick Wolf said...

Kids and there new toys ;-)

Happy new year!

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Patrick,

You found a new toy too ;-)
APEX is great, isn't it.


Patrick Wolf said...

Yes it's really nice. And with the repository views there is lot of room for improvements. :-)