Thursday, December 07, 2006

Apex Oracle User Group (or APEX SIG)

Is there an Oracle User Group specialized in Application Express?
Yes! It's called the APEX SIG: Application Express Special Interest Group

You can all make part of this User Group by registering on the IOUG (Independent Oracle User Group) website.
After the voting of the last weeks, yesterday, the APEX SIG leaders got announced. We're with a group of seven extraordinary people!

The seven people are:
  • President: Steve Howard
  • Vice President: Dimitri Gielis
  • Web Content Coordinator: Doug Gault
  • Web Master: Tony Jedlinski
  • SIG Officer: John Scott
  • SIG Officer: Scott Spendolini
  • SIG Officer: Vikas Agnihotri
Together with the others, I'm also looking forward to get this APEX SIG rock! Of course we can't do everything by ourselves, so you're input is really important! The purpose of the APEX SIG is to provide a centralised, cohesive resource for anyone and everyone involved with Application Express.

John Scott (JES) posted a nice thread on the APEX forum which explains the purpose of the SIG really well. His last paragraph:

On a final note, I want to stress again how important it is for us to have
your involvement in this, if you've ever sat and thought "I wish APEX did
this..." or "I hate the way it does that...", then please get involved with the
SIG, let's all make APEX an even better development environment because we'll
all benefit from that.

So go to the website and get involved into this APEX SIG!

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