Monday, June 25, 2007

Lewis Cunningham's ODTUG Podcast released

I just got a message of Lewis Cunningham he posted his Podcost of ODTUG on his blog.

Listen good, maybe you'll here me ;-)

It was really fun doing my first podcast. Lewis is a great guy to talk to and a nice person to get interviewed by. That was definitely a highlight at ODTUG and something to be in the history books as the first real interview of the Apex Evangelists.

The podcast is a talk with 8 different people at ODTUG. The part I'm in, Lewis describes like this:

Dimitri Gielis, ApEx Evangelists & David Peake, ApEx PM (Starts at: 7:32) ApEx Discussion, some 11g ApEx info, ApEx Evangelists and the ApEx European Training Days

Thanks Lewis! A moment I'll never forget...

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LewisC said...

Interviewing is easy when you have good interviewees. ;-)

Thanks again.