Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oracle Application Express (APEX) @ ODTUG

Following Oracle Application Express (APEX) sessions are scheduled at ODTUG...

It's a pity that some sessions are going on at the same time, but it's also a proof APEX is getting more known. Next to the two days APEXPOSED, there're 13 sessions dealing with APEX. Compared to last year that's a hugh increase!

Monday, June 18

APEXPOSED (whole day)
agenda: see website

Tuesday, June 19

APEXPOSED (whole day)
agenda: see website

Web-Based Applications Strategies from an Oracle Forms/Reports Developer's Perspective (11:00am - 12:00pm)
Wesley Brown and Krupa Ramachandran, St. Jude Medical Inc.
Future development tools present a quandary for companies who were geared heavily towards Oracle Forms/Reports. Strategies on how to keep currently deployed applications/reports up and running while deciding which Web tools to use and how to train developers to use them must be defined. Also, providing users with the same "Look and Feel" with a common point of access for both old and new Applications / Reports is a goal. We have taken a "transitional" approach as a solution. We chose to start with APEX and ASP.NET which we consider intermediate Web development technologies relatively easy to use with Oracle database yet powerful. Our developers have been successful in deploying new projects utilizing these environments and incorporating them into the traditional Application Launch interface with users unaware of which tool is being used. In this endeavor we have discovered how we can develop projects in several environments seamlessly without disruption of service to our customers and are taking steps necessary to fully utilize Web-based tools in the future.

APEX SIG MEETING (5:30pm - 7:00pm)

Wednesday, June 20

APEX Validation and Error Handling (8:30am - 9:30 am)
Patrick Cimolini, Cayman Islands Government
This presentation is a detailed discussion on how an Applications Express (APEX) application can be configured to handle both business rule violations and run-time errors. Business rule violations are detected in triggers and then raised to the GUI where the user is presented with a context sensitive message that contains the information that allows the user to correct the problem. Run-time and system errors are logged in the database and then passed up to the user. A professional validation and error handling strategy is a key component in building robust, user-friendly systems. The points will be illustrated using one of the presenter's production systems.

APEX Lessons from the Trenches (8:30am - 9:30 am - same time as previous)
Bill Holtzman, National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Application Express enables rapid and efficient development of secure and enterprise-level Web applications. Like any platform, there are numerous tricks of the trade that one learns only after getting waist-deep in the coding. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) has been digging successfully in the APEX gold mine for three years and has a wide assortment of coding techniques to share with those undertaking or considering expanding their use of APEX.

How to Make Your Oracle APEX Application Secure (9:45am - 10:45am)
Peter Lorenzen, WM-data
When you deploy an Oracle APEX application on the public internet you have to assess the level of security needed. If your application only contains non-sensitive data you may be able to deploy it in much the same way as you would on your intranet. However, if you need to secure your application, there are a number of things you need to consider. This presentation will explain some of the risks and how to minimize them. Some of the issues we will discuss are cross-site scripting, session state protection and SQL Injection. We will also look at some of the things you can do to secure an Apache HTTP Server.

Advanced Application Express Programming Techniques (9:45am - 10:45am)
Michael Hichwa, Oracle Corporation
Learn Michael Hichwa's perspective on how to develop Application Express (APEX) applications from data model to user interface. Get recommendations for source code management, upgrades, and customizations. See how to exploit new Oracle APEX 3.0 features. See techniques to improve and test performance.

Oracle Application Express 3.0—Introduction and New Features (11:00am - 12:00pm)
David Peake , Oracle Corporation
Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) is a Web-based, application development and deployment tool integrated with the Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g. Oracle APEX enables anyone with only a Web browser and limited programming experience to quickly create secure and scalable Web applications that can be instantly deployed to tens, hundreds, or thousands of users. This presentation and live demonstration positions the tool and provides an overview of its features and capabilities. We'll look at Oracle Application Express 3.0 new features, such as Flash Charting and PDF Printing and Reporting, discuss the future direction of Oracle APEX and show examples of why it is one of Oracle's most popular technologies.

Building an Application Express Interface to Organize Discoverer Workbooks (1:30pm - 2:30pm)
Jeff Hohman, Oracle Corporation
This session will provide users with an alternative to organize their workbooks using a somewhat open source solution. Because of the flexibility involved changes in the product can be easily compensated for, thus, making this add-on highly beneficial.

APEX by Example: Shared Components (2:45pm - 3:45pm)
Dimitri Gielis, Apex Evangelists/Ordina Belgium
Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a quickly growing development environment. The initial goal of APEX was to have something 'simple', a wizard-driven development environment to compete with MS Access or to replace Excel files. People still use the wizard a lot, but if you would really like to use the force of APEX,
you can use Shared Components. This session covers all available Shared Components; it tells you what it is for, why to use it, and how to use it in a real environment with the "DG Tournament" application.

APEX and Project Management (4:00pm-5:00pm)
Patrick Cimolini, Cayman Islands Government
Application Express (APEX) is a robust and productive development tool, however, even APEX projects can be late, over budget, and of dubious quality if they are not well managed. Looking at APEX from a project manager's perspective, the following questions are addressed: How long will a project take? What tasks needs to be done? How long will a single task take? When should the tasks be done and in what order? Who performs the tasks? What skills are required? How are source code and versions managed? What quality can be promised and delivered to the customer? Quantitative metrics and a production application will be used to illustrate the points.

Thursday, June 21

Managing Large Application Development Using Oracle Application Express (8:30am - 9:30am)
David Peake, Oracle Corporation
This presentation will outline developing large applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX). It will be based on personal experience managing a diverse team of developers and personally developing APEX Applications on a comprehensive system with close to 1000 individual applications. Development on this
application started over four years ago and has successfully been implemented as the primary enterprise-wide OLTP system for a large law enforcement agency with thousands of users.

APEX Cheat Sheet (11:00am - 12:00am)
Karen Cannell, Integra Technology Consulting
For beginner APEX users, and for those who have not yet memorized all the ins, outs, &’s and .’s, this cheat sheet session presents a collection of frequently used APEX features, expressions, how-tos, and assorted oh-yeahs to keep handy when building your first 2 or 22 APEX applications. We’ll cover the F$P syntax, report links, when to use &, :, v(), select lists, sending e-mail, popups, adding your own logo, custom authentication, and some essential JavaScript. You’ll leave this session with a cheat sheet of APEX how-tos that will get you well into APEX development.

Application Express for the Designer Web Generator Expert (1:00pm - 2:00pm)
James Hudson, Wisconsin DNR
Application Express is a natural successor to the Designer PL/SQL Web Generator. This presentation will show how to take an existing Web Generator Application and migrate it to run using Application Express. The goal, though, isn't simply to identify the steps in rebuilding an application in a new technology. We will also look at
ways to "think" in the APEX tool and use advanced features provided out-of-the-box by APEX. The session shows how Designer experts can pick up APEX fairly quickly and build new apps, convert existing apps, or integrate the two.

Flex Your APEX: Implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields in Application Express (2:15pm - 3:15pm)
Shane Bentz, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
With every passing day, the functional boundaries between traditional client-server applications and Web applications decrease. New technologies such as SOAP and Ajax enable Web applications to function and perform like traditional fat-client software. In this session, I will show how to integrate the E-Business Suite flexfield functionality into Application Express. By leveraging the power of Ajax, Application Express can use descriptive flexfields to create rich Web applications—applications that can change shape and purpose on-the-fly, enhancing the user experience by not reloading the page and minimizing future coding by developers.

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