Monday, June 18, 2007

ODTUG Day 0: Meeting others

Today (Sunday) I didn't do that much. As a lot of people arrived today and yesterday I came across some friends. I saw Lewis Cunningham with his family, Wilfred van der Deijl and the AMIS guys like Alex, Aino and Lucas.

Last night I stayed in the Comfort Inn, but to be honest, it wasn't that nice compared to some other hotels I stayed in before. The breakfast was included, but you could only have some limited donuts and a waffle.

and I also scheduled to meet today, which we did at 9h30 am. Almost all day we were together, heading between the beach, the pool and the surroundings of Daytona Beach.

Although Patrick and I already chatted a lot and exchanged mails, it's always different to meet somebody in real life. The picture on his blog isn't that clear ;-)
I really liked being together and chatting about APEX and life.

At the late afternoon, something "special" happened. I got recognised while laying at the pool. A friendly young guy from Latvia (now living in the States) recognised me from my blog!
I was pleasantly surprised. When Patrick told his name (as he was laying next to me at the pool) the guy was really happy.

In the evening we met Mike Hichwa in the bar and started to chat. I'm not sure I can give all details, but if you're an APEX developer, you should definitely start using SQL Developer. Something nice is coming up!

Afterwards we had some dinner with some "other guys"....
On the picture from left to right around the table: Scott Spendolini, Patrick Wolf, Mike Hichwa, Raj Mattamal (he never wants to be on the picture), Kris Rice's wife and child, Kris Rice and myself.

It was a lovely day and evening... tomorrow the real sessions will start.

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