Friday, June 22, 2007

ODTUG Day 4: Last sessions

Unbelievable, but I didn't sleep well again! My mobile phone was switched off, no mosquitoes, I was tired and fell asleep almost immediately. But at 4h30 I got a cramp in my leg (convulsion in calf). It really hurt, it was such a heavy cramp I have never had before!

This morning (and even during the day and night) my leg was still hurting. I couldn't walk without pain... it still hurts, but what can I do about it?

I suppose it's due to the food, the air co and not having drunk enough.

The first session I followed with Managing Large Application Development Using Oracle Application Express by David Peake.
David explained his experience from the 4 years he worked at a big client in an APEX development project. How do you get the best results of your team and how do you structure your work, were one of the questions he tried to answer.
I found it an interesting session (much better then the marketing stuff the previous day ;-))

The next session was about Oracle XE for internet Applications Generated by Designer by Marc de Oliveira.
I'm not such a huge fan of Designer, maybe because I don't know it. But I think what he tried to do with Designer, generating web applications, he could have done in APEX in a lot less time.
But again, I don't really know Designer, so maybe there was a purpose to do it with Designer.

The last session I followed was Application Express for the Designer Web Generator Expert by James Hudson.
Basically what I saw in the previous session, James explained how to migrate from that to APEX. I found it interesting to see how, with his knowledge of Discoverer, he did his migration.

We got a last sandwich lunch and said everybody goodbye... Some last moment picture were taken.
(from left to right Dimitri with: Steven Feuerstein, Karen Cannell, David Peake)

Now it's time to prepare for going home. Most of the people left today or will leave tomorrow.

The last night at Daytona Beach... Patrick and I went to a Steakhouse named Stonehood. We both had a nice steak (see picture). It was the perfect night to end the Daytona chapter...


Anonymous said...

The flash! always use the flash, even when the photo is outside, always when the light is behind the charaters ;o)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble getting a good nights sleep!

Do you know are their any plans for anyone's presentations to appear on line? does the ODTUG make them available?

Does sound like the ODTUG was good, and would be a shame that all the knowledge and experience wasn't shared more widely!


Dimitri Gielis said...

Some of us have posted their papers online, yes. Mine you can find on this blog.

On the ODTUG website the presentations will be uploaded too, but I don't know if it will be available for members only or for everybody.

Hope that helps,