Friday, October 09, 2009

First days in the States

I guess I'm lucky... just as my last flights I got upgraded again. But this time I didn't only get upgraded with my flight, but also the car I hired, the room I stayed in, amazing! I guess I must have been a very lucky person.

It was the first time I drove with an Escalade. I really liked the car. It had so many features e.g. a camera at the back to see what is behind you when you are in reverse.
In the hotel I got a room with a hot-tub, that was really nice after a long flight.

Below you see some the picture of the luxury bathroom and our night out with Rich and his family. I always enjoy spending time with them.

Our flight to San Francisco was delayed so I only arrived in the Sofitel hotel across Oracle HQ at midnight. Now it's time for the Oracle Ace Directors meeting.

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