Friday, October 30, 2009

ODTUG 2010 submission deadline

Every year the Oracle conferences are a place to meet other fellow Oracle people and hear the latest and greatest in Oracle world.

Normally these are the conferences I go to: IOUG Collaborate, ODTUG Kaleidoscope, Oracle Open World, UKOUG and some smaller local ones.

One of the ways to get a free pass to these conferences is to present. ODTUG was the biggest APEX conference last year and for 2010 it will be no different. Especially with the release of APEX 4.0 it will be interesting to see these new presentations. The submission deadline for ODTUG just got extended, so now there are another 10 days left to submit an abstract for the ODTUG conference...

It will be nice for me personally to go back to Washington as that was the place I went to on my first visit to the States.

Good luck with the submission!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dimitri,

Maybe is the wrong place to describe an issue-bug with Apex40 build 46 downloaded officially the 23 june 2010.

The issue-bug is:

When creating a TABULAR FORM the fonctionnality of SCROLLING records , GENERATE an:
Second issue: the ADD RECORD button generate NO ACTION...

Only the SUBMIT and DELETE and CANCEL buttons are working correctly...

Any comments?

I have developped Apex applications since Release 2.1 oracle express.

My configuration: windows 7 ultimate
db: ora11gr1-oraclexe-ora10gr2

ps1: the problem is identical with any version of oracle databases...

ps2: "old Apex versions" = no issues with tabular forms!

Ps3: My table has 48 fields... with and ID generated by a SEQUENCE-TRIGGER

Ps4: Douwe Pieter van Den Bos is awere of this issue.

Can you inform me about this "bug" .


MFOConsulting gva-lug ch.

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Mike,

I'll do a blog post about that shortly.
That was one of the things I showed at ODTUG and how to get around it.