Sunday, October 11, 2009

OOW09 Sunday - Full APEX day

Registration was very fast at OOW, no queues this morning.

It's still early in the morning while I'm writing this post... not that many people arrived yet. But you can be sure, today the madness begins ;-)

There will be 30 (official) APEX presentations at OOW (and some others at the Unconference).

I'm on stage three times today. Together with Scott I'll open the APEX Symposium where we focus on migrations to APEX.

During the Symposium I also have another session "Mastering an APEX page" in the Hilton Hotel (Golden Gate 4/5).

And after the APEX 4.0 presentation we'll do the "Ask the Experts" panel where you can ask any question you like. Joel Kallman, John Scott, David Peake, Scott Spendolini and myself will be on the panel.

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