Thursday, June 10, 2010

Almost time for the World Cup - don't forget your bets in DGT

Only one day left and the World Cup 2010 football is kicking off!

Currently 259 people are trying to predict the games on DG Tournament.
You can still play with us, but you have to be quick ;-)

Some people said they couldn't bet on the games. In 99% of the cases this is due to the fact the World Cup 2010 is not selected in their profile. So login and go to Your Profile and make sure that in "Your tournament subscriptions" you selected "World Cup 2010", then click on the Apply Changes or Update Subscription button.

Good luck... and have fun!


Carl Friedrich Gauss said...


why can't I bet on the 1/8 Finals yet ?
When I choose "Your Bets" -> "Select Round" -> "1/8 Final", I receive

Your Bets

No data found.

Do I have to wait until all 8 1/8-Finals are set up ?


Carl Friedrich Gauss said...

thanks, it works now

Dimitri Gielis said...

Yes should work now, enabled it today...

Carl Friedrich Gauss said...


I get the error
1 error has occurred

* You've only 1 hour to complete your bet. Please click again on the "Bet"-tab.
when I click 'Submit'