Thursday, June 10, 2010

CD APEX 4.0: Utilities - Upgrade Application

This blog post is part of a series posting "Count Down to APEX 4.0 Public Release" (click on link to view history).

In the previous posts we imported our application (and database objects) in APEX 4.0 and ran the Advisor to check if the application didn't have any errors.

As I said yesterday, we are going again to Utilities, but this time we click on the "Upgrade Application" button (second left from the bottom).

The following screen displays the available upgrade types along with the number of objects that can be upgraded. This is the fastest way to make use of the latest features of APEX 4.0 and do a bulk upgrade of the different components (new features).

- you can replace the old date picker with a new one
- if a value can't be null, that can be specified native in APEX 4.0, so we won't need to add an extra validation in (like we had to do in APEX 3.x). That is what they mean with the first (Update Value Required Item attribute to Yes)
- enabling a lot of new features for the Interactive Report
- upgrade all your charts (based on Anychart 3) to the new charting engine in APEX 4.0 (Anychart 5)
- ...

So we click on the candidate objects count to review the candidates. First I clicked on the Date Picker upgrade link

We select the ones we want (check box in front of the records) and click the Upgrade button.
It will come back if it successfully upgraded the components.

We can now do the same for the other types. So click on the Upgrade Application Summary link in the breadcrumb (or you can select another type from the drop down), you'll see that the ones that are already upgraded won't appear anymore.

The only thing I would be aware of, is if you used a workaround against a problem (e.g. the Lov's null), you need to make sure you undo that before/after you migrate.

Finish them all and you are ready for the day again... you see the updated app in APEX 4.0 here.

Yesterday Roel knew the answer what my topic of today was going to be... you have an idea what I'll do next? You have more options now, no? ;-)

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