Monday, June 07, 2010

Count down to APEX 4 Public Release

As the APEX Development team took the last step (upgrade of in the production release of APEX 4.0, we can start to count down for the public release!

So I made a bet with myself... Every day till the public release of APEX 4.0 I'll blog about another new feature!

The way I'll do it, is simple: I'll migrate the DG Tournament application to APEX 4.0. DG Tournament is an existing application I originally wrote in 2006 and upgraded along the years with the new versions of APEX.

What do I hope to show you?

  • how to move from APEX 3.2 to APEX 4.0
  • show new ways of doing your development
  • rewrite existing (custom) functionalities by making use of build-in APEX 4.0 features
  • incorporate new features
I've no idea how much longer the public release will take, but there are over 170 new features in APEX 4.0, so I should be fine on that side. But maybe they will be really fast in shipping this release and I won't have enough time to get the app migrated... Time will tell...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Dimitri,

Cool bet! I'm looking forward to see a real example of a migration to version 4. I bet it will be very instructive.

I don't have any real-life experience with Apex. I followed a course for v3.2 and only played a bit with v4 in tryapexnow. I want to have a fresh start with APEX4, hopefully really soon!