Wednesday, June 02, 2010

DG Tournament update (2)

I just updated DG Tournament with a calendar as that was one of the requests.

The calendar is a nice example of a JQuery plugin. We use the same plugin on our Sumneva website to show our APEX Training calendar.

If you had to do this in APEX 4.0, you would probably use the new build-in calendar or write a plugin to create this calendar.

I put some more new enhancements in the app to make it more user-friendly. E.g. preselect the current tournament when registering and trying to predict the country you are from.

Some people asked for a "group" functionality... So far I told to use the location to provide a grouping. I didn't put in a real group field yet, but thought about it some more.
As one of the purposes of this application is to showcase what you can do with APEX, I went a step further! So I made some first steps to make the application "SaaS".
Basically it would allow me to give companies or persons the possibility to provide their customers and friends a site like DG Tournament, but with their look and feel.
I'll blog about that tomorrow probably, but if you are interested in something like that, drop me a mail.

Only 9 days left to the World Cup 2010!

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