Thursday, October 19, 2006

JES - Apex Developer of the year

For the fifth year the editors of Oracle Magazine present Editors' Choice Awards to extremely accomplished candidates, people that best reflect the highest achievements and vision in their areas of expertise. You find the winners for every domain for the year 2006 here.

The title "Oracle Application Express Developer of the Year" goes to John Scott (also known as JES in the APEX forums). I would like to congratulate John, he's a well deserved winner!

In the beginning I only knew John from the forums, but in May he hosted my World Cup 2006 APEX application and we started to chat. In the meanwhile John also hosts DG Tournament and we'll meet at OOW. I'll be honored to be next to him in the APEX roundtable panel on Sunday.
But even more I look forward to just meet John in real life!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dimitri, it still hasn't really sunk in yet but I'm very honoured to have got it.

Looking forward to meeting up for a beer at OOW, I just wish my 'self packing suitcase' was working ;)

Anonymous said...

Jups Dimi,

Volgend jaar ist uw beurt he ! :p

Amuseer je op OOW !

Tot binnenkort !