Monday, October 23, 2006

OOW - Sunday - First sessions and Welcome Party

The sessions I followed on Sunday...

ODTUG Development DBA Special Interest Group Meeting
We discussed about how this SIG could look like; what to expect from the SIG, what not.
More information and the notes will be published on the ODTUG website.

IOUG Oracle Application Express Special Interest Group Meeting
First Steve Howard explained the purpose of IOUG and the APEX SIG. Then a panel of four (I was one of them) answered the questions of the public. See also previous post and JES's blog.

Lunch break
I took a sandwich with tunafish... nothing more to say...
Afterwards John and I went to "Club Oracle Gold" lounge to have a coffee and check our mails.

Build a dynamic framework with APEX (by Tony Jedlinski)
Tony explained well how a tree based menu can be build in APEX, cross application. He even showed step-by-step how to build it. This shows once more that building an APEX application can be really fast. The explanation of Authorization and Authentication should have been useful for a lot of people. I found the presentation most suited for beginners.
The full source of the application can be found on the IOUG website or in the previous Oracle Magazine.

Everything You Need To Know About Collections But Were Afraid To Ask (by Steven Feuerstein)
As we could expect from Steven, a nice and clear presentation about the different types of collections, how they work and how to use them. To get really started with collections in your own company you should download the examples and ppt from Steven's website and play a bit with it.

Welcome Reception
It's amazing to see the organization of having food, drinks and entertainment for so many people. The music was nice, I only missed a bit of company as the people I knew where invited on other events (ACE's dinner, Partner events, ...).
I didn't stay that long as I was tired from not having enough sleep the days before.

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