Saturday, October 28, 2006

OOW Highlights and bye bye SF

For me, being for the 2nd time in America and the 1st at OOW, the highlights of this week:

  • Landing in San Francisco... oh! almost in the water
  • First meeting and drinks with John Scott... a really nice guy
  • Seeing SF city in a complete Oracle oasis... such a big city with Oracle everywhere
  • First time OOW registration... so many registration desks
  • First meeting with the APEX SIG panel... really nice people
  • Apex Sig panel... telling my experience with APEX and answering questions for many people at OOW
  • The Benelux Cocktailparty... enjoying together with my ex-colleagues and (ex-)customers
  • The Blogger Meetup... good time with my "virtual friends"
  • Appreciation Night... Elton and good food
  • Presentations of Tom Kyte... enjoyable to listen to
  • First presentation of and meeting with Jonathan Lewis... so much knowledge
  • Keynote speech of Larry Ellison... Unbreakable Linux
  • Oracle Database 11g... new features, even better
  • APEX meetup... being together with the developers of my favorite toy: APEX
  • Sight seeing with John... Alcatraz, Pier 39, boat, hills, ...
  • And the weather... nice and warm
I'm going for my last sleep in San Francisco (for this year ;-)) ...
Thank you SF, Oracle and all the people I met... I really enjoyed it!

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