Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sneak Preview - Oracle Application Express Worksheets

... Oracle Disclaimer ...
These screenshots are "pre-pre-alpha" and very preliminary screens of the final implementation. They are subject to change, maybe it never makes it to a release or it will work different.

In other words, Oracle doesn't engage or promise that it will be like that or that is will be ever available. But, I'm nevertheless really happy I can publish this "ultra, super cool" new feature/product or you name it. Thanks Mr. AJAX and Oracle!


Patrick Wolf said...

It's really amazing when you see it live, how you can filter the columns, add new groupings, ...

Hope we get this cool feature as a standard report feature, where the users are able to change the output of the report by there own.

Great work Carl!


Carl Backstrom said...

Glad everybody likes it there is much more to come. It's absolutely not all me though Mike , Marc , Marco , Christina among others in APEX development have put a ton of work into this. I just get to focus on the frontend which I like to do so it all works out :)


Bad spelling on first comment :)

Anonymous said...

Nice reporting features.
I am just curious is it possible in future to bypass following problem (adding more than 1 tabular form)

1 error has occurred
Updatable SQL Query already exists on page 2. You can only add one updatable SQL query per page. Select a different page.