Wednesday, November 28, 2007


There's already a lot blogged about "when" to use "what" development tool. At almost all Oracle events there's also a discussion about APEX, ADF, Forms, ...

A few months ago I also had some mail exchange with Chris Muir about what I thought are the strengths of APEX, and he about ADF. Normally an article should be made available soon. There were some other people also involved in this discussion, the final outcome is managed by Chris.

Next on the agenda... a live confrontation between the two technologies!

Michiel Jonckers of AMIS Technology (he was one of our students at our European APEX Training Days) contacted me with the question if I was interested to go on stage together with Lucas Jellema, a known "ADF lover" and a recognized Oracle speaker, to discuss the weakness and strengths of both technologies. I happily accepted, of course!

The date and place: Monday, December 17th from 16:30 till 21:00 in Nieuwegein (NL).

If you want to see the fight between APEX and ADF, register here.

Of course it's not a real fight ;-) Lucas and I will try to guide you through both technologies, the goal is not to have one winner. I guess at the end of the evening we should know what to use when...


Wesley said...

That's an easy one, use APEX when you want to create an application. Use ADF when you want to write code that will need to be rewritten in a different framework before you ever get it done.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the audience will be the winner


ps. see you next week?

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Marco,

That's the goal! The audience is everything... I just hope they don't expect to see blood ;-)

I'll blog about UKOUG tomorrow... I'll be there, but not the whole time.

See you soon,

Jan Vissers said...

There is no real choice here - they're both proprietary solutions. Does remind me of a major election/referendum held in Utrecht a while ago. The only thing missing is a SQL*Plus based solution.

Marco Gralike said...

Oeeeh, blood, that would be cool. Don't give me ideas


Michael A. Rife said...

What about an Oracle Forms representative as well?