Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quest Toad on Oracle 11g not supported

Are you already on Oracle Database 11g? If you're not, it's really cool ;-)

Nevertheless, this post is to warn all developers out there using Quest TOAD for Oracle.
The current release of TOAD is 9.1, this version is not supported with Oracle 11g (client). But even more important, the version that comes out half of November, TOAD 9.5 (see screenshot below which is a beta), isn't working with the Oracle 11g client neither!

I logged a support ticket at Quest. The support over there is really quick and helpful. In less than a day I got a message back that they were going to try it themselves, it went even to the technical people (development team) and after a few mails of back and for I got this final message: "Unfortunately, it was confirmed by our team's technical lead that Toad version 9.5 only support Oracle server 11g and not Oracle client 11g. My only suggestion for you is to install another client on your machine that is 10gR2 version or lower."

It's hard to believe that you need to install an Oracle Server just to get your development environment (TOAD) running ;-) Nevertheless, a workaround is to install Oracle 10g client, which I don't want to do as I'm connecting to 11g databases.
Or go for SQL Developer, a free alternative of Oracle.

A screenshot of the error "OCI version is not supported"

I'm using both SQL Developer and TOAD as I think both have strengths and points to improve.
This post isn't to favor for SQL Developer, it's just to warn you... on my Windows Vista pc I'm obliged to go for SQL Developer as TOAD is not working with my Oracle 11g client.


Anonymous said...

You can connect to 11g, just not with your 11g client as you point out.

This is already fixed for the next release which should be out next week for OOW.

JochenVdV said...

I also use both, SQLDev for my development work, TOAD for object/schema compares.
Does 9.5 support the WITH syntax btw? I'm on 9.0.1 on an Oracle 9iR2 database at work and and it just returns weird errors...

Anonymous said...

Another very good tool called pl/sql developer by allroundautomations (personally I think better than toad or sql developer) supports oracle 11g just fine.

Anonymous said...

9.5's parser was completely updated - it now supports all 10g syntax including WITH.

Go here to read more

I just ran this with no problems -

with total_dept_sal as
( select sum(sal) total_sal
, deptno
from emp
group by deptno
select ename
, sal
, emp.deptno
, round(sal*100/total_dept_sal.total_sal,0) sal_percentage
from emp
, total_dept_sal
where emp.deptno = total_dept_sal.deptno
order by emp.deptno

Anonymous said...

Well why do you need Toad for Oracle. Oracle has just launched their own tool called SQLDeveloper. It works just fine on 11g and its FREE. When I first hit the wall with Toad 9.1 on Oracle 11g, I was looking for a solution and SQLDeveloper helped. Its cool. Give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

This is fixed and now available for download.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,

Can you paste the link for the 11g support fix of TOAD 9.1.x please?



Laurent Schneider said...

It seems the 11g client is supported in Toad 9.6 :-)

Release Notes Toad 9.6

Anonymous said...

Please I've just installed TOAD 9.6 (trial version) on Oracle 11g client, but when I try to connect to Oracle db, toad gets this error:
OCI version -2.1995765159.1304828.1412.1304892 is not supported
Could you please help me?

Anonymous said...


Are you using a 64bit 11g client? I don't think toad supports that yet.

Also, Quest just released v9.7 which brings even more support for 11g into play.

Unknown said...


I newly installed 11g and when i ty to start SQL developer it asks for the full Java.exe path, what should i give?I tried installing Java also.

Pl let me know


Anonymous said...

just use navicat you can connect to oracle 11 g,,

Alex Turner said...

dbForge Studio for Oracle makes things so easy for developers. It is widely used in our development department for querying the database, transferring data between servers, debugging PL/SQL code easily, etc