Sunday, November 11, 2007

OOW07 Day -1: Registration

Like planned the day before, Saturday was a "relaxing" day.

I had quite a good sleep. I only woke up at 1am, 4am to finally rise up at 7am. Not bad if you know, literally, for me day became night and night became day (9h difference with Belgium).

After having a nice (cooked) breakfast in a typical American pub, John and I went for a walk.
We went to the Apple store and tried the iphone... I've an HTC, which I really like, but I must admit the iphone is really nice too! The only feature I miss on it is a GPS receiver.

Before noon the sun was still shining, but in the afternoon it started to rain. Not great, but some people said the rest of the week will be better. Let's hope!

From 1pm onwards you could register for OOW, so we walked down to Moscone to do that. It's good to register the first day as there're almost no queues. On Monday it's different ;-) More than 44.000 people needing to have a badge...

When registering you get some goodies like an umbrella (useful on that day!), a bag and some other things.
This year Oracle is going "green", which means you have the choice of getting the agenda on an usb key (preferred) or on recycled paper. I also got a new Alumni jacket, which you see on the picture.

In the evening I answered some mails and read some other blogs and did some last changes to a new site AE made, which will be announced at OOW...

When I was coming back from dinner, I popped against Carl Backstrom, who was just registering in the King George hotel. We went for a "quick" drink, although quick is different for people coming from Las Vegas ;-) It's always fun to talk to Carl. He has some great stories. It was the perfect thing to end Saturday evening.

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