Friday, November 09, 2007

OOW07 Day -2: Flight to San Francisco

I didn't have much sleep tonight as I had to be at the airport at 5 am. The days before leaving for an event are always a bit hectic: clients want things finished before you leave, other meetings, finishing blog posts that are in your draft folder for weeks, packing ...

Once at the airport it's better, you just need to follow the crowd. Before I always flew from Brussels to Chicago, but this time my stop was in London Heathrow. John and I arranged so we could travel together. It's much more fun not having to travel alone.
The airport in San Francisco was again Oracle "colored" (see pic). SFO will be for one week "OracleFrisco".

My battery dried out quickly, so I couldn't do all the things I planned to do. But the good side was I could catch up with movies. I must say that British Airways pampered us a lot. We could select out of a large library of films (individually) and had as much food and snacks as we wanted. Although I'm not sure that's so good for my weight ;-)

This event will be special, not so much because I'm presenting at the biggest Oracle event, but more because it's the first time I must leave a little baby behind. Matthias described it nicely; daddy will miss him.

This time I'm staying in the King George hotel, the hotel where more known Oracle people are staying; Mark Rittman, Patrick Wolf, Carl Backstrom just to name some. I'm sure we'll have a great time!

Although I had to travel for more than 17 hours (which passed fairly fast) and left early on Friday in Belgium, I can still enjoy Friday evening in San Francisco (time difference of nine hours).

In the late afternoon John and I went for a little snack and a beer, in the place (Fourth Street Bar & Deli) we had a lot of fun last year. This evening we also had a couple of beers with Patrick Wolf in an Irish House which the concierge recommended us. It was good to catch-up and have some nice chats.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'll probably relax a bit and try to rest as much as possible, because from Sunday onwards my agenda is filled for 150%... to start with the APEX Roundtable.

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