Friday, November 09, 2007

Bye, bye daddy

While my daddy is sleeping his last ours before he leaves to San Francisco, I thought to write you something again.

It's the first time I won't see my daddy for some days. I'll miss him so much. Daddy told me he'll miss me too. To ease the pain of not seeing eachother he installed a webcam and he told me he'll call me a lot. It will be strange if mummy needs to make my food all the time and I don't have my daddies breast to sleep on. If I've a bad dream my daddies shoulder is so comfortable and his breathing makes me calm. I hope his voice isn't to different over the phone.

I'm catching weight and a lot of power... I wonder if after 9 days I will win the wrestling from my daddy ;-)

I know it's not easy for my mummy neither, but daddy don't worry, I'll give her all my love and I'll protect her. Although I'm still little and mummy needs to do everything alone now, I'm learning quickly. I'll be brave and support mummy.

I hope you will all support my daddy, as I feel it's not easy for him neither. On Sunday and Thursday my daddy is talking to some of you. He believes it's important to support the APEX community.

If he's silent for a moment, you can be sure he's thinking about me!
Just be nice to him so he gets back on track ;-)

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