Tuesday, June 03, 2008

APEX Meetup at ODTUG08 - Tuesday 7.15 PM

It's becoming a tradition that on all major Oracle events we organize an APEX Meetup.

ODTUG Kaleidoscope is already in two weeks, so time to announce the next meetup!

As ODTUG planned to have a lot of fun, food, and networking events on all the days (which is great!), the only reasonable time would be Tuesday 7.15 PM. If you all agree we will meet in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel.

From there we'll leave to a nice bar in New Orleans. I don't know anything in New Orleans yet but if somebody has already a suggestion, feel free to put a comment on the blog. But I'm sure we'll have some people with us who have done some research the days before ;-)

Just to have an idea of people, can you please register your name on the APEX Meetup site.

Thanks... and see you very soon now!



Johannes de Jong said...

Man a bit far for me :-(, have fun.


Monty Latiolais said...


It been some years since I've visited New Orleans, but I used to like a place called Mr B's Bistro. From what I remember, it's near our hotel.