Monday, June 02, 2008

Ruby loves me too much

The last couple of weeks I got quiet a lot of comments on my blog from one or multiple Ruby developers. Although my sites and blog are Oracle and APEX related and I more than once said that I'm not into Ruby, I keep getting these messages.

With the update of the Euro 2008 in DG Tournament it got even worse. Somebody posted in the shoutbox some "Rby Rox!" messages and other none for public material. I don't mind people saying they love Ruby as I do the same for APEX, but there are limits. I've never been on a Ruby site to say that APEX rocks, although it does ;-) To be fair I don't visit these sites as I'm not interested in developing with Ruby. I even don't mind people trying to convince me that another technology would be a lot better, if they give valid arguments. Posting 100 times that Ruby Rocks, is not convincing I would say. If there would be messages that Ruby is x times more secure because of ... or it's easier to learn... or it's more scalable and some figures around it, that's more convincing.

So I'm writing this blog post as these persons can now comment on this post instead of commenting on my other posts.

People are getting clever, they take your identity and do some posts... these days it's easy to create a login somewhere with the firstname and lastname of for ex. Pamela Anderson. The problem start when they start posting or mailing people with that identity. Are there still ethics?

So more about Ruby:
- There's a nice song which really describes these people:

And the text:

- Kaiser Chiefs Lyrics
- Another post I found about Ruby which got a lot of attention. To be fair I didn't read it completely, but one sentence is true: "There are exceptions, of course, but the attitude of Ruby on Rails users toward Ruby skeptics or critics has been less than kind. This is a crowd convinced that it has found the ultimate answer to everything, and they are not afraid to let you know. I only have a simple advice for these people: you might be right, but just be humble. It never hurts."
Of course it wouldn't be fair to generalize it for all Ruby lovers.

I'm an APEX lover and as long as I can do whatever I want with my favorite tool, I'm not likely to change...


Anonymous said...

APEX Rocks!!!

JochenVdV said...

Hey Dimi,

I've tried RoR with Oracle.
ApEx has more functionality out of the box, but RoR has a good native versioning system.
As for scalability: there's is no support for bind variables, so performance issues can be expected.

But you can't really compare these two paradigms, in fact, they are each at another end of the spectrum:
RoR aims to be as database-independent as possible (comes default with SQL Lite now, used to be MySQL), and Apex is as database-dependent as possible (Oracle only).

Carl Backstrom said...

Dimitri Rocks!

Johannes de Jong said...

I recently switched to Apex from RoR/Ruby, and it was the best decision I've ever made.

ps. I agree Carl !!

Johannes de Jong said...

Forgot to add, the person(s) that posts "Ruby rocks", feels threatened, see it as an compliment ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dimitri,

Well no (hardcore) RoR programmer is reacting on this blog. I think that makes everything clear, they don't have arguments to convince us.


ps: Carl, you are soooo right! ;-)