Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Orleans is a crazy place

After a long flight (and a delay in Miami) I finally arrived in New Orleans.
At first sight I thought it was a bit like San Francisco... huge lanes on the motorway, big buildings and water when you fly in. I'm not sure the water is still from Huricane Katrina or it has always been like that.

I met two Americans who loved soccer (!) on the plane and in the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, I sat next to some people from the Netherlands, who were ofcourse delighted that Holland won at the Euro 2008. Unbelievable who you meet at a different continent of the world. Here's a picture of the hotel, a few blocks away.

The weather is excellent, although maybe a bit too warm. It's already night and it's still difficult to get air. But I like it, especially when you know this morning it was raining in Belgium.

After having spend a few hours walking outside, I must say New Orleans is completely different then any other city I've seen! They are crazy here, especially on Bourbon St. :-)

John will arrive shortly, so we'll probably go for a quick drink and then time to sleep. I've been awake for 24 hours now... and start to feel it.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Carl Backstrom and I both love soccer and are American's. Now you know all four of us ;)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy our city! For safety sake, Don't go to desolate places. Get over to Frenchman Street & Decatur at night for real New Orleans music. Eat Poboys. Drink Abita. Get a New Orleans Snow Ball. Visit our cemeteries on the Canal Street Car and see our mansions from the street car on St. Charles.
Take the $40 'Disaster Bus Tour' so you get the straight scoop on what happened 8/29/2005.

Yea, we're crazy.

Mathias said...

I thought New Orleans and quick drink were incompatible concepts. I'm sure you'll have a blast in NO.