Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ODTUG08 - Monday

After a small sleep I had some breakfast and went to the opening keynote where the ODTUG board talked about our community service and what they have been doing the last year.
After wards Oracle came on stage to talk about web 2.0, of course linked more to ADF than to APEX.

My first real session of the day, was "APEX Hints, Tips, and Best Practices" by John Scott.
When he did this presentation at Collab, he got a lot of good reactions. This time it wasn't different. The people I spoke to learned a lot and find it a really nice session.
The next time John is doing this session is on our Apex Training Days in the Netherlands.

After that session I went to Tom Kyte's session about "The Top 10 - no 11 - new features of Oracle DB 11g". I 've always like to listen to Tom. The only thing was that the room was way to small and it was too hot due to all the people in the room.

In the afternoon I went to "Use the Power of APEX dictionary views to increase the quality of your APEX applications" by Karen van Hellemont and Jan Huyzentruyt.
The session had too much company information in. The lesson you could learn from this session was that you can use the apex views to get some data out and use it to check if predefined standards are met.

My last session of the day was with David Peake of Oracle about APEX 3.1 New Features.
Especially the last 10 minutes where useful as it was about the future of Apex and a form migration tool.

In the evening it went a big hectic. I missed a lot of meetings, but after a while I hooked up with the guys of Oracle. Making everybody happy, is just not possible...

No nice pictures? no...

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