Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Semi-Final at Euro 2008

Today Germany and Turkey play against each other for a place in the finals at Euro 2008. I think it will be a good match although I wished Portugal was still in.

For the people betting on the games in DG Tournament, don't forget to bet on the semi-finals!
I had a look at the rank and it seems that the first 30 people still make a good chance to win the bet.

That the best may win...


Tonguç said...

Tonight Türkiye will surprise again!


Noons said...

Hehehe! Well said, Tonguç.
Being originally Portuguese I'm pushing for Turkiye to get it!

Unknown said...

At average conditions Germany should score at least 4 goals,

Tonight, we will see how many goals
Turkish side will score :)

I am also supporter of these crazy boys, but it seems quite hard today. :(

Derya Oktay said...

Our 3rd goal keeper, Tolga will score 1 goal:) As a Turkish saying: Let this be a "kapak" on uefa!