Friday, April 27, 2007

APEX Forum - Week 17

As I already told in my previous post, I registered again in the APEX forum. After one week and having posted 60 answers it's time for my first "wrap-up".

My goal is to put some links to the forum that took my attention. Sometimes these posts made me laugh, sometimes they made me cry and some of them I found really interesting.

The most funny posts:
- Deploying APEX through an .exe/.bat file: When you don't know Oracle, this is a normal question I think... Some people start using Oracle XE and make some APEX applications. Then they want to give it to their customers/friends/... In VB for ex. you would make an exe file, but APEX is different. How do you get your app via a cd to somebody else? Not easy... that would be an enhancements request. "Oracle XE 11g-to-go"?
It would be cool to have: Unzip, make your app, rezip - done with packaging!
- Urgent! Please help ...: (especially during the weekends) always funny to see these kind of questions! They can give Apex Evangelists a call when it's really urgent ;-)

The most interesting topics I participated in (top 5):
- DBMS_SQL_INJECTION_ANALYZER: It's not released (yet) and I couldn't find anything relevant on google, but it would be a nice to have; checking if your App is secure.
- Save page when clicking on another tab: Some users forget to click the Update or Apply Changes button, but they changed something in the form. With javascript you can ask the user if he wants to save it or not.
- APEX 3.1 Enhancements: you can use this thread to ask for enhancements request in the next version of APEX
- Better export to Excel: Denes Kubicek made a direct export from APEX to Excel available some time ago
- SSO and LDAP: different authentication methods... also smartcard!


Bill Ferguson said...


Great idea wrapping up some of the most "interesting" threads for the week.

Now that I back in dev/admin mode I try to check in on the forums a few times a day, but sometimes with the traffic the forum gets, it's easy to miss a few interesting posts.

Thanks for doing this.

Bill Ferguson

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the nice feedback.

I didn't look that much at the forums anymore neither. But as it's interesting and important for getting APEX moving forward, I try to force myself to look, blog about it and help some others.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dimitri,

Can you please help on this,

Our product has been integrated with Oracle forms application. Recently we upgraded to IE11.
We are not able to connect to the application now. It works in lower versions of IE, and chrome and firefox.
In the console this is the message that pops up,
DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching.
Do we have any idea about this issue or any ways of debugging the issue.

Thanks in advance,