Saturday, April 14, 2007

Arrived in Las Vegas (Collab07 - Day -1)

On Thursday night I arrived in the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. The hotels in Las Vegas are so big and all with different themes! Impressive, as also the sound of the gambling machines ;-)

I didn't gamble yet, but before I leave I must have tried it! The weather is fine, but I thought it would be better. A week ago it was over 30 degrees, where it's now only 24 with a lot of wind.
Yesterday I met up with John. We had a lovely evening with some nice food in the hotel.

Today I'll register for Collaborate, a day before the 6000 others.

During the last week I did a little trip through Nevada, Arizona and Utah. I saw Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Glenn Canyon Dam, the Grand Canyon, Route 66 and Hoverdam. I was really impressed by all that!

Here you see some of my pictures:

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Patrick Wolf said...

How did you like Bryce Canyon?

Was there '97 and it was really a great experience, because everybody is just talking about Grand Canyon, but I liked Bryce best.

In which floor are you staying in Luxor? How did it feel as you had to go to your room the first time and being able to look 40m down to the casino? :-) Stayed there a few months ago...

Have fun in Vegas